Welcome Back!!

We are excited to be re-opening our gym.  We are grateful to have an amazing community of parents and gymnasts.  We are busy getting the gym set up so you can come back and continue working on all those skills you all worked so hard to achieve.

Below you will find what we are doing to prepare and frequently asked questions.  

ReOpening Guidelines

A Glimpse at our lobby area

This is a glimpse at how our lobby area will look once we reopen.  Masks will be required in the lobby area.

Common Questions

Common Questions

How should my gymnast prepare for class?

Please have your child dress/change in your car, so they are ready for practice without crowding in the bathrooms.  Please leave all your belongings in your car.  Please do not use cubbies or lockers at this time.  The water fountain will not be in use at this time, so please bring a water bottle.  

Am I able to view my child's class?

Our lobby has limited viewing at this time.  Please limit the amount of friends and family that come with your child to class.  We will have arrows to help with directionality and viewing boxes are labelled on the floor to help with keeping our 6' social distancing.  We will also be setting up tents outside for viewing when possible.  If possible, please view your child's class from our outside viewing area or wait in your car.

How will classes look?

During our first phase we will not be using beams, bars or pit during class as these present cleaning challenges.  Each student will be given their own equipment to use during class.  We will be limiting rotations in order to limit cleanings during classes.  All equipment will be cleaned between rotations and classes.

Are we required to wear a mask?

We will be requiring everyone to wear a mask in our lobby.  Once in class, we are not requiring our gymnasts to wear a mask, although your gymnast may wear a mask If you feel it is best for your gymnast.

Will you have a separate entrance and exit?

Our main entrance will remain our entrance at this point.  Please wash/sanitize your hands upon arrival.  We will be having our gymnasts exit through a separate door to ease traffic flow.